How does a person buying a drug on our site can contact us?

At our website, we provide customer support via mail, phone calls and live chat rooms. For more details, kindly check out our Contact Us page.

What mode of delivery is available for all the orders placed on our site?

After you place your order on our site, the information you have provided will be reviewed and filled by our pharmacist. Once approved and processed, your order status is all set to be approved, and moved to process. Your order will then be shipped to you the following working day by hiring the services of reputed courier carrier like FedEx, DHL Express, US Postal Services, and UPS.

What kind of medications are sold on our site?

We sell all the drugs approved by the U.S. FDA and prescribed to treat diseases like sleep disorders, pain, ADHD to name but a few. All the medications sold on our site are sourced from genuine manufacturers in the U.S.

What are the available modes of payment on our site?

You can use all the Credit Cards, MoneyGram and Western Union payment modes for shipping with us.

What happens after you place your order?

After you place your order, we make arrangements for the delivery of the drug you ordered on our site. Your order is delivered after ensuring the quality and quantity of the drug.

How are the prices at our site so low?

We sell the drugs at a cheaper price because we do not spend money on marketing and brand promotion. Some drugs may cost you 1/10th of the price of their counterparts. We would also like to say that we don’t take any extra charge for the shipping and delivery of the order on our site.

What if the drug you ordered on our site turns out to be missing or damaged?

There is a minimum possibility of any such mishap to occurs but if it does you should care to contact our customer support executives about it via phone call or email. We will either provide a reshipment for the drug-free of cost or you will get a full refund.

What if you don’t find an answer to any of your queries in this section?

Just like we said earlier in case of drugs that go missing or are found to be damaged, you can contact our customer support executives to solve all your queries and concerns via chat, email or phone call and we assure you will get a satisfactory response within a few minutes.