Xanax Side Effects


Xanax Side Effects in Detail

Xanax, being a benzodiazepine, can induce several adverse effects.  At first, side effects like increased saliva production, dizziness, drowsiness, change in the ability of sex and many more side effects may be experienced.  Side effects may be eliminated to an extent as far as the user follows prescription. Other precautionary measures that are to be taken care of are-

  • The medication leaflet must be read properly.
  • A proper prescription written by your medical professional for following the dosage.
  • Pill should not be cut, crushed, break, chewed, or dissolved in water or any solution.
  • Medication should not be shared with anyone.  
  • Read the information written on the original container.
  • Consult your medical professional before making any change in the dosage.  

You must report your medical professional immediately if you experience side effects such as changes in mood such as hallucinations, thoughts of suicide; memory problems; loss of coordination; trouble walking; slurred speech; considerably yellowing of eyes, or skin, etc.  While there are almost no reports of the allergic reaction relating to Xanax (Alprazolam), you must seek medical emergency aid right away if you encounter trouble breathing, rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, etc.

If you experience any other side effects that is not mentioned, do not take time to report the same to your medical healthcare professional.   

There is a helpline dedicated only to healthcare in every country.  Do not feel shy or get embarrassed while asking for help relating to health or medical emergency from such websites.  The executive sitting on the phone line will possibly guide you and resolve your query.



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